About Selentino Hats


Men's hats. Hats for well-dressed men.  

Selentinohat.com is the website of Selco Hatters, the makers of the Selentino Collection of hats and caps. Well-dressed men have been shopping at Selco Hatters for 203 years. That's over two centuries of style, quality, and craftsmanship. When you wear a Selentino, you join an elite corps of hat wearers - including members of the Royal Court of England.

Selco men's hats are crafted in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Poland - countries renowned for their expertise in furs and animal hides. Our fine men's hats are made of quality beaver and rabbit fur and fur felt - and are handsome, durable, and warm. You'll feel great - and warm - wearing a genuine fur hat. Four generations of satisfied wearers have worn their hats with pride. And you can, too.

When you buy your hat at Selentinohat.com, you get online convenience - but don't miss out on Selco's famous boutique-style service. Our website offers you a perfect sizing guide - so that your new hat fits as if one of our trained hat fitters had sized it to your head. Plus, our generous return policy allows you to shop with confidence.

There are lots of reasons to buy a hat. And there are lots of reasons to buy one at Selentinohat.com.

Men's hats. Get one online. Shop at Selentinohat.com.